7 Ways to Consume Cannabis Without Smoking

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One of the neat things about cannabis is that you can consume it in many ways. We all want to keep our lungs healthy so it is proven that smoking can be a bit harsh to the lungs. Luckily there are other ways to make this happen without causing damage to your lungs. In this article we will discuss the 7 different ways you can consume cannabis. Let’s begin!


Topicals are for people who want the relief cannabis can bring without the feeling of being high. Cannabis has many health benefits and being a topical ointment is one of them. People swear by this method for their pain relief. Cannabis topicals include lotions, salves and oils infused with CBD and THC to provide targeted relief.  Since topicals are absorbed through the skin they bind to your cannabinoid receptors but usually don’t break through the bloodstream they are considered non-psychoactive. This  with method is used by people who are more discreet with their use of cannabis, this takes away any odor that may be left behind after consumption.


Tinctures are alcohol or olive oil based cannabis extracts and they are one of our favorite consumption methods. This is when you would use a dropper and place the product under your tongue. Doing this can make the product hit your system faster, this form of consumption is good for people who are seeking anxiety relief. hey are discreet, portable, offer a quick onset and they’re easy to dose. Drop them into your favorite drinks or add it to dinner, dessert!


Now in the year 2021 Edibles seem to be a very popular choice for many when it comes to consumption. From chocolates and peanut butter to gummies and syrups, the options do not lack variety!  Edibles have to make their way through your digestive system before they hit your bloodstream and pass into the liver so they tend to take longer to kick in. It is very important to understand that edibles take a while to hit you but when they do it can stay in your system for quite some time, longer than you had hoped for in some cases. Just remember if this is the first time you have dealt with edibles, to start small and work your way up if need be, just see how your body reacts first.


This is a new innovative way to be able to consume cannabis simply and discreetly. Drinking it may seem crazy, but it is becoming a favorite among cannabis consumers. From tea, soda and lemonades even! These will hit your system rather quickly and the effects can last hours. Cannabis Quencher, Keef Cola, Good Stuff Tonics, and CANN have all created unique natural fruit flavored, low-dose beverages that will give you the desired effect. Again, small doses just to see how it is going to effect you and if you are okay with the effects of drinkables.

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs, yes you heard me right! For those who are needing some pain relief these bad boys will help soak the medicine into your body. Depending on the ratio of the bath bomb or the dose of your infused soak you may or may not feel psychoactive effects. he Relax 1:1 has a blend of 25MG of CBD and THC so your body is relaxed but your mind is not all out of its normal. These are a fantastic way to distress.

Transdermal Patches

These sort of go hand and hand with the topical creams and gels, only they are patches infused with cannabis. Patches have been a way to get medicine into our bodies to ensure it is treating the right area. Transdermal products can penetrate the cannabinoids into the bloodstream producing longer, potentially psychoactive effects. Just apply the patch and notice relief for a good 12 hours some people say it will last longer depending on the type of patch you are using.


Lastly, we have capsules. Capsules have been around a while and is not so out of this world as a form of medicine. These little pills offer a clean, quick, effective method of consumption that allows consumers to ingest full-spectrum or strain-specific oil rather than combust flower. These can be customized for you if you let you budtender know exactly what it is you are looking for and the desired effect from consumption!