What to Know About Cannabis Infused Edibles

As more and more states legalize the recreational use of cannabis, you are no doubt familiar with the rising popularity of cannabis infused edibles. Cannabis infused edibles, more commonly known as simply “edibles”, are a popular method among cannabis users who prefer to consume marijuana without smoking. On the remainder of this page, we are going to provide a primer on just what cannabis infused edibles are, their potency, and important safety tips regarding edibles. Let’s get started!

What are Cannabis Infused Edibles?

Edibles as the name suggests, are foods and treats that have been infused with cannabis and/or marijuana that are to be ingested orally. Edibles tend to be more potent than smoked cannabis because the THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, is first metabolized by the digestive system before entering the rest of the body via the bloodstream. This delays the high by some times after initial consumption of the edible.

When a user smokes cannabis, on the other hand, THC is inserted directly into the bloodstream, which allows the user to feel a more immediate high. Comparing smoking TCH to edibles, a user who consumes an edible my not fully experience the high until 2 hours after initially consuming the product. Further comparing the two methods of smoking and edibles, the “high” from smoking THC fades quicker than the “high” from edibles.

cannabis edibles as cookies and brownies

What are Edibles Commonly Used For?

Outside of recreational use, edibles have a wide variety of applications, especially when it comes to the practical and medicinal use of edibles. Edible cannabis products are a common treatment prescribed by doctors to patients who are dealing with:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Cancer Type Symptoms
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea

The flexibility of cannabis infused edibles allows doctors and patients to creatively, and non-invasively, treat conditions that would otherwise require harmful and addictive opioids or other way more expensive pharmaceutical treatments. Therefore, when used responsibly, with proper attention to dosage, potency, labeling, and safety, edibles are often the best choice for cannabis consumption.

Understanding Edibles Dosage & Potency, Labeling, and Saftey

Edible Dosage & Potency

A legitimate danger when it comes to edibles is accidentally ingesting too much. While there has never been a known overdose from marijuana consumption, the resulting high from too eating too strong/too much of an edible can be overwhelming. Users have reported feeling overpowered, dizzy, nauseous, and paranoid. What is funny, enjoyable, and relaxing in small doses, can quickly become unpleasant if take in large doses. Therefore it is important to understand the dosage of the edible you are purchasing. Consult with your Canyon Lake Dispensary Budtender to learn more about the impacts of the edible and how long the high will last. This will allow you experiment carefully and find a potency level that works best for you.

Understanding Edible Labeling

Understanding dosage and potency of edibles goes hand-in-hand with labeling. Due to recent standardizations and regulations in the cannabis industry, consumers are now able to find full information about the dosage of edibles on every package. These standardizations help consumers understand what they are buying…and when it comes time to ingest, just how much to ingest without risking a bad experience. Our biggest piece of advice here is never buy edibles from an unaccredited source. Head to the local dispensary near you where the expert budtenders can answer your questions and point you in the right direction for the best possible edible experience.

Safety with Edibles

We want to address the boogeyman when it comes to edibles right here and now: nobody is handing out edibles on Halloween to children. With that said, with edibles advancing in appeal, taste, and deliciousness seemingly weekly, they are becoming more and more attractive to children. Unfortunately, children do not fully grasp dosing and can therefore ingest large quantities of THC very quickly. In fact, this can apply to even adults who don’t do their proper homework and research regarding edibles. When too much THC is ingested via an edible the results will be severe paranoia, possible breathing problems, anxiety, and even heart trouble. As a responsible adult, if you are planning on purchasing and keeping edibles in the house with young children, we recommend that you treat edibles as if they are medicine. Store edibles out of reach alongside other medications, preferably in a private cabinet/drawer or behind lock and key.

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