What are Cannabis Hybrids

The first time you visit a dispensary you might feel overwhelmed with options. How do you know if you’d prefer indica strain, sativa strain, or a hybrid strain product? We have previously discussed cannabis indica and cannabis sativa, what they are, they effects, and how they’re used. On this page, we are going to deep-dive into cannabis hybrids. We’ll cover what exactly is a cannabis hybrid, the effects caused by cannabis hybrids, and the benefits/uses of consuming cannabis hybrids. Follow our guide below to learn all you can about cannabis hybrids.

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What are Cannabis Hybrids?

Cannabis Hybrid is a term to describe a cannabis product that is a mixture, or hybrid, or different strains. Cannabis hybrids can be bred from mixing pure indica with pure sativa strains, or by combining hybrids with one another. Unlike cannabis india and cannabis sativa strains, hybrids are engineered by humans. The intention is to produce a plant that develops specific qualities. In general, cannabis hybrids come in three different types:

  • Sativa Dominant: Sativa bred with an indica strain with strong sativa characteristics
  • Indica Dominant: Indica bred with a sativa strain with strong indica characteristics
  • Balanced Hybrid: An even mix of both sativa and indica strains bred so neither is dominant

Common Effects and Properties of Hybrid Strains

To better understand the effects and properties of Cannabis Hybrid strains, one must understand the effects caused by indica and sativa strains. Cannabis Indica strains are known for producing physical effects on the body, such as relaxation, dry mouth, red eyes, and users report feelings of heaviness or being “stoned.” Cannabis Sativa strains are known for their psychoactive effects, such as helping focus, promoting creativity, or feelings of being “high.” Hybrid strains attempt to capture the “best of both worlds” by producing a combination of these effects. For example, a hybrid strain may combine an indica strain with a sativa strain with a higher indica content to help the user feel more relaxed. Here are some typical features of what a user might expect with different hybrids:

  • Sativa Dominant: typically stimulates the mind while providing a relaxing body experience
  • Indica Dominant: has a mild psychoactive effect but provides a strong body high
  • Well Balanced: An even mix of sativa and indica providing a mix of desired effects on both mind and body.

What are Hybrid Strains Commonly Used For?

Cannabis Hybrid strains are known, and bred, for their specific benefits they produce. Therefore, hybrid strains are some of the most popular and useful cannabis products available. Hybrid strains are the result of careful study and ultimately cultivation. With a hybrid strain, a user can find out what to expect and what ailments to treat beforehand, lessening the possibility of undesirable side effects.

Cannabis hybrid strains are the most available form of marijuana medication. They are used to treat a long list of ailments and conditions. Some of those ailments include arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, Crohn’s Disease, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, MS, and nausea. The best ways to use cannabis hybrids depends on user preference. Hybrids can be consumed via smoking, vaporization, tinctures, topicals, sprays, edibles, or capsules for treatment.

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