What is Cannabis Indica

When you are deciding upon choosing either an indica or sativa cannabis strain for consumption, it is important to know that each has its own individual characteristics. While they each smell and even look similar, these two strains have different effects and are used for different medical purposes. On this page, we will discuss in depth the characteristics of Cannabis Indica, what it is, and what to expect when consuming cannabis indica products. Knowing the difference between the two strains can help you decide which strain to choose when buying marijuana from a dispensary.

cannabis indica leaf

What is Cannabis Indica?

Cannabis indica is used to describe cannabis strains and products that have a sedating, relaxing, and strong physical effects. From a botanical standpoint, indica cannabis plants are typically short in stature with wide, broad leaves, and short growing cycles compared to their sativa counterparts. Indica strains are well-suited for growth in cooler climates due to their shorter flowering seasons.

Common Effects and Properties of Indica Strains

Most indica strains are a rich source of cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and CBN. While cannabis sativa often produces a higher proportion of THC to other cannabinoids, cannabis indica often contains elevated levels of all three. Indica strains tend to produce more physical, or body-centered effects when consumed. The results is an enhancement of physical sensations, relaxation, dry mouth, and red eyes. These effects are commonly grouped together under the term “stoned” as opposed to the “high” associated with sativas. All that being said, this is not to imply or state that indicas have no psychoactive effect on the user; just that they are more known for their noticeable effects on the body.

What are Indica Strains Commonly Used For?

Cannabis Indica strains, as mentioned, are known for their relaxation, sedation, and physical body effects. Indica strains have been known to cause feelings of sleepiness and/or heaviness. For this reason, many people prefer to medicate using indica strains, especially at night. Cannabis indica strains are often prescribed as a medical alternative to highly addictive opioids; indica strains have a similar effect at reducing pain, increasing relaxation, and helping the body relax in general, without the negative side effect of being highly addictive. These effects, the relaxation, dry mouth, red eyes, and heaviness, are known as a “body high” as opposed to the “head high” associated with cannabis sativa strains.

Cannabis indica products are ideal, and even recommended, for night use and have become increasingly popular among those who suffer from insomnia. Furthermore, indica strains have also proven to be effective as a treatment for chronic pain. Indicas have also worked well as anti-spasmodics or muscle relaxers. In these instances, indica strains have been used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis or fybromiaglia. Finally, cannabis indica products are highly recommended for those who battle anxiety and panic attacks due to their remarkable calming effects on the body.

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