Ways to help your budtender help you

Being able to walk into a dispensary and get legal cannabis is a new experience for many. Many who experience this for the first time are introduced to a whole new world, and can learn many things about the different strands, extracts, edibles, topicals and so many other neat and new cannabis products. A budtender is similar to what we know as a bar tender. They will help you through the process and be able to get you the product you are wanting. Helpful budtenders will typically ask more questions than they answer, allowing them to individualize the way in which they recommend products to their customers. Be sure to ask questions and to let them know what exactly you are into finding. You may come across some budtenders that are not all that helpful, which is not a common occurrence but has happened. Given that there is currently no standardized talent selection or training process for budtenders, competency will vary by business, location, and individual staff. For a novice consumer, this can troublesome. In this article we will discuss some factors you need to consider and remember for when you do go to the legal dispensary to purchase your cannabis. Let’s get started!

cannabis leaf against a mountain backdrop

How do you wish to consume the product

One thing about cannabis, it can be consumed in many different ways. Make sure you let the budtender know which way you prefer. rom smoking flowers to bathing in an infused soak. There are edibles, beverages, tinctures, capsules, breath mints, and so much more! Knowing this will help you more than you realize, this little bit of helpful information can help you in the search for the perfect dispensary. Some of the products are limited to when they are available to you, and some do not even carry what you may be looking for.

Cannabis or Medicine

People use cannabis for many different reasons. From anxiety, to pain management. Whichever reason you seek to consume it does matter when you go to purchase it, this will help the budtender help you get the correct product. If you are looking to have pain relief may benefit more from an infused transdermal product than if they were to simply smoke flowers, whereas somebody looking to manage anxiety may find much more relief in a CBD-rich tincture than taking a dab of high THC resin. If you are looking to use cannabis for a medical reason it suggested that you go to your doctor and see what they suggest for your pain management and go from there. A budtender and a doctor clearly are not the same and you should be knowledgeable with doctors suggestions before seeking help from a budtender.

How Long Do You Wish to Feel the Effects?

The different types of cannabis play a part here, and how you decide to consume the product will as well. Are you looking for a long effect or short and sweet? This matters. Dabbing will normally  provide a quick and intense experience when compared to edibles. Edibles take time to kick in but can have effects that last for hours, even days.


If you are typically using around others you may want to be discreet as a form of respect for others who may not enjoy the product as you do. As this is a new thing people are getting used to the idea gradually, and you may be in fear of backlash. It’s important to be considerate to others in all situations, but it’s vital to understand how your cannabis use is going to affect those around you. The budtender can go over ways you can consume the product without upsetting anyone around. It is true others around you during your consumption could possibly be effected. Some examples of products that are discreet are Edibles, vape pens, topicals, sublinguals, transdermals, capsules, and even suppositories.