What is Cannabis Sativa

When you are deciding upon choosing either an indica or sativa cannabis strain for consumption, it is important to know that each has its own individual characteristics. While they each smell and even look similar, these two strains have different effects and are used for different medical purposes. On this page, we will discuss in depth the characteristics of Cannabis Sativa, what it is, and what to expect when consuming cannabis sativa products. Knowing the difference between the two strains can help you decide which strain to choose when buying marijuana from a dispensary.

cannabis sativa

What is Cannabis Sativa?

Cannabis Sativa is a term used to describe a cannabis product with uplifting, cerebral, and energetic effects.  From a botanical standpoint, sativa cannabis plants feature long, thin, fan leaves, and tend to have a long flowering time, especially when compared to its counterpart, cannabis indica. The sativa leaf can have as many as 13 fingers. These plants flourish in warmer climates and have been known to grow as tall as 12 feet tall in a season.

Common Effects and Properties of Sativa Strains

Cannabis Sativa strains, typically, have a higher concentration of THC than other cannabinoids (such as CBD). Because of this, Sativa strains of cannabis have a greater psychoactive effect on users. Users report euphoric feelings, more energy, sharper focused. The euphoric effect produced by Sativa strains is usually described as “cerebral” or a “high”. This is in contrast to the heavy, “stoned” feeling experienced with cannabis indica. Sative strains are known for being fiery hot, while their flavor profile produce aromas that can range from citrusy and sweet to earthy and spicy.

What are Sativa Strains Commonly Used For?

Cannabis Sativa strains are renowned for causing stimulating mental effects. Users of sativa strains say the feel more focused and motivated after consumption. The feeling produced by cannabis sativa is often referred to as a “cerebral high” as opposed to a body high experienced with cannabis indica. Cannabis sativa has been noted to help promote deep conversation and improve creativity, making it a favorite to use daily, for social situations, and/or artistic endeavors.

Cannabis sativa products are ideal for us in treatments of patients who suffer from mental illness or mood disorders (such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD). The euphoric effect produced by sativa strains helps alleviate a person’s ailments related to these illnesses or disorders. Sativa strains have also helped increase appetite for those suffering from eating disorders, and in other cases, helped reduce body fat in obesity-related medical conditions.

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