What to Expect on Your First Visit to a Dispensary

The recent legalization of both medicinal and recreational marijuana has made access to high quality cannabis affordable, safe, and easy. Consumers can now specifically seek out dispensaries for their favorite strains, edible, or other cannabis products. As dispensaries start popping up across states and cities where it is legal, we wanted to provide our readers with a primer of what they can expect on their first visit to a dispensary. Let’s get started!

What to Expect on Your First Dispensary Visit

Expect to Be Carded

Dispensaries are under intense scrutiny when it comes to regulations and laws to whom they can sell their products. As you would if you were to visit a liquor store, regardless of your age, you should expect to be carded at purchase. Whether you’ve just turned 21 or are a card carrying member of the AARP, keep your state-issued identification on hand as you visit a dispensary. If you are visiting a dispensary because you have a medical marijuana recommendation, be sure to bring that as well, and hand it over along with you I.D.

marijuana dispensary sign

Do Your Research

Walking into a dispensary the first time can be super overwhelming. To better prepare for your visit, we recommend you do your research! Check out Canyon Lake Dispensary Reviews and visit the Canyon Lake Marijuana Dispensary website. By reading what other people have had to say about their experience, and then subsequently familiarizing yourself with the dispensary through their website, you’ll have a better understanding on what cannabis products are offered, which types of strains are popular/recommended, and what accessories you can buy from their shop. As an added bonus, when you come prepared to the dispensary, you won’t hold up the line as you pour over the menu trying to decide what you want; and for that, your fellow cannabis consumers will thank you!

Ask Questions!

Our budtenders are hired for a reason! They are here to help you find and purchase the best cannabis product for exactly the purpose you’re looking for! As a general rule, one of the best ways to get to know the dispensary is to ask your budtender questions. Ask them about their favorite strains, favorite products, and more. Let them be your guide! Looking for a cannabis product that will calm an upset stomach? Ask! Looking for that bit of inspiration to complete an art commission? Ask about Sativa strains! There are no stupid questions, and our budtenders are equipped to help answer any and all your questions.

Don't Feel Pressured

There is no rule against window shopping! If you happen to feel overwhelmed or don’t hit it off with your budtender, you are under no obligation to make a purchase on your visit, especially on a product that you’re unsure about. Keep in mind though, that as a general rule, all sales are final; most returns are forbidden by law. We want you to enjoy your dispensary experience and come to know and love everything that Cannabis Connection has to offer each time you visit us!

Tell Us About Your Experience at Cannabis Connection in Canyon Lake

We want to hear from you! After your first visit, and every visit thereafter, we want you to reflect on the service you received, the quality of the products you purchased, and the dispensary’s general atmosphere. We value your feedback! We use all feedback we receive, good/bad/indifferent, to improve and make changes to provide the Canyon Lake community with the best possible dispensary experience. You can leave a review on our Google Business profile or by contacting us directly.