Knowing the Difference Between High Quality Cannabis

Anyone who has used marijuana, be it for medical reasons or recreationally, can tell you that there is a very clear and obvious difference between high quality cannabis and low quality cannabis. As the first dispensary in Canyon Lake, California, Cannabis Connection takes pride in how we cultivate and source the cannabis used in our products. In this article, we will discuss how consumers can learn to spot and tell the difference between quality, top-shelf cannabis and low quality weed. Let’s get started.

Defining "Quality" in Quality Cannabis

The word quality is subjective and holds different meanings for different people. For some folks, quality may equal “cheap” or “affordable.” For others, quality my signify “flavor” or “taste.” For others still, quality cannabis may pertain with the plants genetics, the particular strain, and/or the organics used to grow the product. In short, all of these definitions of quality can apply when it comes to understanding just what is quality cannabis.

In the following sections, we are going to provide some of our favorite tips to help you know the quality of weed. Regardless if you’re a first time consumer of marijuana, or an experienced Rastafarian, here’s our simple guide to understanding quality cannabis.

marijuana bud

The Smell Test

When cannabis is cultivated and cured to the highest standards, it will exhibit a pungent, yet pleasant aroma. Flowers emitting a strong fragrance are commonly referred to as having a “dank” or “loud” odor. The more “dank” or “loud” the flower’s aroma, the higher quality of flower. There are a variety of terms used to defined the aromas found in high quality cannabis. These terms include, but are not limited to, skunk, diesel, and pine. The common denominator that all high quality weed has is a good-smelling flower with a distinct, pungent, unmistakable aroma. The stronger the fragrance of the flower, the more nuanced the experience is likely to be be when consumed.

The Look Test

Cannabis is a plant, similar to the produce many people enjoy growing in their own gardens. With that in mind, high-end, quality cannabis, just like fresh healthy produce, is going to provide a few visual hints to help determine the quality. While all good cannabis should be visually appealing to the consumer, a top-shelf strain can easily, and often does, show-off a variety of distinct colors. Good quality flowers are often a deep green with flaming orange or red hairs strewn throughout. Other commonly seen colors that indicate high quality buds can range from a deep purple to even a bright blue.

Additionally when examining cannabis for quality, one thing our cultivators look for is the amount and viability of trichomes. Trichomes are the tiny, glimmering crystals that can been seen on the plants surface. Trichomes are what help the plant create and hold a plants smell, flavor, and consumption effects. The more trichomes visible to the naked eye, the better indicator of the flower’s intoxicating and therapeutic potency.

high quality marijuana with purple coloring

The Feel Test

The most popular and common way to check if cannabis is of high quality is to physically touch it. High quality weed should be dry, but not crisp. It should be wet, but dry enough to burn easily, while not burning too fast. Top-shelf cannabis should feel sticky to touch, and slightly spongy when squeezed between your fingers. Stems should snap and the bud should be relatively easy to pull or break apart. When looking for high quality cannabis, the feel plays an important role!

Other Qualities to Look for in High Quality Weed

Ethical Cultivation

Ethical cultivation means growers avoid using synthetic fertilizers, utilizes organic living solid, and practice sustainable agriculture. At Cannabis Connection, we partner with growers who are Green Certified and those who have a track record of healthy, sustainable growing practices that benefit not only our customers, but our environment as well.

Ethical Companies

When it comes to choosing which companies to buy high quality cannabis from, Cannabis Connection looks to partner with companies with a clean ethical past. Small, craft producers and family-owned operations are some of our favorite partners, as they tend to prioritize employee treatment and the process of growing ahead of profits.

Diverse Cannabinoids

A diverse cannabinoid and terpene profile is desirable in CBD products. Ask to see the Certificate of Analysis before making a purchase. The certificate provides a comprehensive list of cannabinoids contained in the product in addition to therapeutic terpenes and any potential contaminants such as pesticides or heavy metals.

Cannabis Connection: High Quality Cannabis Dispensary in Canyon Lake, California

Cannabis Connection is the first legalized commercial marijuana dispensary in Canyon Lake, California. Members of the Canyon Lake community are encouraged to fill out the survey on providing a dispensary permit to allow Cannabis Connection to begin operation. If you have any questions about Cannabis Connection and want to learn more about our mission to provide the best commercial marijuana to the Canyon Lake community, contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.